Empowering Providers, Elevating Anesthesia.

Who We Serve

VRAA alleviates the headache of anesthesia management services!


We have experience serving hospitals of varied sizes and complexity, from smaller medical facilities to vast healthcare systems.

Office-Based Clinics

Our anesthesia program can aid with objective realignment, cost management, technology support, and revenue growth.

Surgery Centers

With tailored solutions to achieve your objectives, we are more than just a mere partner, we are an extension of your team.

Nurse working with technology in operating room

Our Difference

VRAA delivers cost-effective, high-quality anesthesia services with a client-focused, expert team

Specialized Expertise

VRAA ensures uniform, high-quality anesthesia services.

Client Focus

VRAA's private ownership allows full dedication to client needs.

All-in-One Solution

VRAA provides all-inclusive anesthesia management, streamlining your needs under one umbrella.

Steps to Transitioning Your Practice

VRAA offers tailored anesthesia solutions, assembles expert teams, empowers facilities with data tools, and identifies additional revenue opportunities.
Contract is Signed
Hire and Recruit your Team
Giving Hospitals and Medical Facilities Control
Creating Other Revenue Sources

Build your future

We understand the countless hours of grueling work and study that went into preparing you for your career. Now it is time to put it into action and see the results of your labor.


We serve a variety of organizations across the West Coast, and are actively accepting new organizations to partner with.

Your Partner for Anesthesia Excellence

Contact us today to learn more about how a partnership with VRAA can bring both clinical and operational excellence to your organization.