Anesthesiology News

Top 10 Reasons to Not Provide Anesthesia in an Ambulatory Setting

APRIL 4, 2024

Anesthesia has become increasingly safe and effective for outpatient surgeries. However, there are still situations when anesthesiologists may recommend against having anesthesia in an ambulatory setting. This article discusses the importance of anesthesiologist judgement in determining the appropriate care for each patient

Propofol TIVA Superior to Inhalational Anesthesia in Surgical Patients

MARCH 12, 2024

This is an article about propofol TIVA being superior to inhalational anesthesia in surgical patients. It discusses a study that found propofol TIVA resulted in less pain and less opioid use compared to inhalational anesthesia. Propofol TIVA is a type of anesthesia that uses only intravenous medications. Inhalational anesthesia uses inhaled gases.

Symposium Highlights Potential Complications of Regional Anesthesia

Experts Examine Safety Checklists, Continuous Catheters, Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity and Peripheral Nerve Blocks

JANUARY 11, 2024

Regional anesthesia is a safe and effective pain management technique, but like any procedure, there are potential risks.This article highlights the importance of safety measures to minimize these risks. While uncommon, complications like bleeding and nerve injury can occur. To ensure safety, communication with patients and careful monitoring are crucial.